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龍洞春季大掃除 Long Dong Spring Clean Up

Updated: Apr 9, 2019





LD Spring Clean Up Special-$650/night!!!

To give back to our beloved crag, Crack House would like to participate and help improve our environment by offering the special rate of NT$650/night/person on the night of 13th and 14th to encourage people to take part in the clean up!

In addition, Crack House would also provide clean-up participants water on site (don't forget to bring your water bottle) and free shower after clean up if you bring change clothes.

Dinner service is provide on 13th, for more details please check your mailbox for booking confirmation.

Note: Early booking is required for this special. Walk-ins do not apply.


有意參與的夥伴請在4/13(六)早上直接到和美國小校門口報到並領取垃圾袋即可。 If you are interested in this event, you can just go to Hemei elementary school on Sat. 4/13 without registration in advance.

Address: 新北市貢寮區和美里龍洞街1-9號 No.1-9, Longdong St., Gongliao Dist., New Taipei City

Public transportation:

安全須知: 1.這是自發性的淨灘活動,請自行小心安全 2.停車場到龍洞需步行10-15分鐘,路程是礁岩地形較為巔坡,請勿穿夾腳拖或是涼鞋 3.無救生員支援,淨灘時勿下海玩耍 4.現場僅備有醫藥箱,無醫護士駐站 5.現場為開放式戶外環境,無法提供私人物品看管 6.無任何場地意外險投保或個人安全保險,請自行投保

Safety tips: 1. Since this is a voluntary event, you are responsible for your own safety 2. It’s a 10 – 15 min rugged rocky walk from the parking area to the cliff diving cove, so please do not wear sandals and flip-flops 3. There will be NO life-guard on site, so NO swimming during the event 4. There will be a first aid kit, no EHS/doctor/nurse 5. There will be no locker/ deposit counter/ cloakroom, please take care of your own belongings 6. There will be no insurance coverage on the event/ location/ participants, please make yourself insured

備註: 1. 請參與人員自備手套與午餐, 我們會提供垃圾袋 Please bring gloves and lunch, we will provide trash bags

2.海邊活動易受天氣影響,若因天氣因素行程有所變動將於活動24小時內公告 Weather plays a major factor here. Any changes will be announced on the event page no later than April 12.

本次活動主辦為阿顯,小虎, Sandy, 小兔. 另外感謝 #岩居, #歐夫寇斯要冒險/ #Ofucos, 和美國小的協助與 #樂活兒生技 贊助.

當天參與活動者,歡迎大家結束後到Ofucos或是岩居休息聊天, 岩居當天提供參與活動者沖澡跟享用美味的咖啡 OFUCOS提供戶外沖洗及飲用水(需自備環保杯),當天飲品優惠8折,凡點餐飲者贈送薯條一份。

歡迎大家分享本活動與帶你的朋友一起來參與 Please share this and bring your friends!

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